• Push back racking

    Push back racking storage maximize versatile cargo space, exquisite design sustainable structures suitable for all storage of bulk.

    Push back racking Vinarack

    Push back racking provides storage capacity in warehouses and for high-density storage for multiple pallet types and sizes of cargoes on the same shelves, it can accommodate 2, 3 even 4 pallets on the same compartment shelving in depth like shelves Drive - in.

    Push back racking

    General description:
    * Material: Steel Japanese JIS standards.
    * Load:> 500kg / pallet.
    * Size: According to customer requirements.
    * The Stand: Use the frame rail and guided pallet ...
    * Frame leg: Use the supporting leg OMEGA Punching.
    * How to Import: LIFO (Last In / First Out).
    * Protection System: Yes strut system, with supporting leg pads shock resistance.
    * Modes of pickup: Forklift, car elevator.
    * Colour: Green - Orange (optional).


    Push back racking

    * High-performance storage, the system can simultaneously accommodate 2, 3 or 4 pallet on the shelf.
    * Easily import - export goods.
    * All products are powder coated against rust, corrosion.
    * Longevity.


    Push back racking

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