• Shelves spare parts

    Shelves spare storage synthetic outstanding features, easy to classify parts, accelerating the process of inspecting and reserves quickly and efficiently.

    Shelves spare parts

    The leverage and maximize the benefits and the potential to store shelves of spare parts in the shop provide spare parts for cars, motorcycles, industrial machinery More ... increasingly effective and replicable.

    Shelves spare parts

    Supporting leg:
    V shaped foot frame structure creates high stiffness, on each foot stamping holes evenly spaced cylindrical, easy to change the size and flexibility of assembly work
    Floor tray:
    The floors, cavity lining shelves may face tole on edge, plywood ... Hey ke pulling from the base frame with wheels connected methode 1st and last floor of the fixed shelf to shelf brackets, screws fixed to the rim shot shelves, create solidity and reduced sag entire shelves.


    Shelves spare parts

    Easily resize between floors when used
    Design ventilated structure favorable for the goods imported for
    Easy counting and storage of goods in warehouse
    Tole tray firmly lasting use
    Space saving Storage:
    Medium weight from 50 to 200kg / layer
    Gray paint spray against moths, corrosion


    Shelves spare parts

    Shelves spare display solution, stored at warehouses of spare parts effectively and sorting, searching easier when the need cau.Dac particular, we use imported steel materials standard create the best quality products.

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